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Fenton Alano Club Bylaws

Important Notice

Please read and abide by the following downloadable and printable official AA document, Safety and AA: Our Common Welfare.

Fenton Alano Club Bylaws


1. NAME: The name of the corporation shall be Fenton Alano Club hereafter referred to as the Club

2. LOCATION: To be determined and approved by Board of Directors.

3. PURPOSE: The purpose of the organizations is to aid and assist the alcoholic to obtain physical and mental health and lasting sobriety. The Club shall provide an alcohol and drug free environment for fellowship. The Club definitely recognizes the achievements of Alcoholics Anonymous and we pledge ourselves to work and cooperate with that fellowship in any extent.

4. CORPORATE NATURE: The corporate nature of the organization shall be non-profit, educational, charitable, and social. It shall have no capital stock of any nature.

5. INCOME: The capital and income of the Club shall be derived from dues, gifts, grants, contributions and all other fundraising activities deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

6. DISSOLUTION: In the event that two-thirds of the voting membership in good standing vote to dissolve the Club, the Club will then be dissolved and cease to exist in 60 days. The order of dissolution will be

A. An accounting of all assets.

B. Payment of any debt owed by Club.

C. Auction of any Club property and sale of building if owned.

D. Proceeds and any bank accounts and any other assets to be donate to AA Central Office, New York headquarters to their limits at that time and the remaining balance to other 501c3 non-profits deemed by last Board of Directors.


Section 1 – Requirement for Membership

A. All applicants for membership shall obtain a sponsor who is a member in good standing and who will vouch for the applicant. All prospective members shall be engaged in, and show reasonable evidence of having interest in, and be sympathetic to the rehabilitation of alcoholics. Any prospective member shall be allowed 30 days to become a member. After the 30 day period, the prospective member will be encouraged to fill out a membership application.

B. Approval of membership. All applicants shall be approved or denied by the Board of Directors. At no time will the portion of non-alcoholics exceed 20 percent of total membership.

C. All new members shall be considered a temporary member without voting rights for 6 months.

D. Any person entering the Club must abide by the rules of the Club which are enacted by the Board of Directors.

E. No honorary memberships will be granted.

Section 2 – Dues

A. Dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Dues will be due by the 15th of each month. All due requirements will be posted in a conspicuous spot. Members will be notified per tag board that they are in arrears after 1 month. If payment is not made by the 15th of the following month, the member shall be automatically suspended, revoking all membership rights.

B. Reinstatement for this suspension will be payment of 1 month dues and 6 months probationary membership. Member rights shall be reinstated upon successful completion of 6 month probation.

C. All new members shall pay a 1 time activation fee along with first month dues at time of application for membership and receive a copy of the bylaws.

D. In case of financial difficulty, a member may request that their dues be waved to the Board of Directors who may approve or deny this request.

E. Anyone not a dues paying member who would like to visit the Club and use its faculties shall be charged $2.00 per day.

Section 3 – Cancellation of Membership

A. The suspension or revocation of any person’s membership shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

B. It is the responsibility of any Board member, manager, or person on counter duty, to deny use of the Club’s facilities to any member or guest for misconduct for a period of, not longer, than required for the Board of Directors to hear and decide the matter using the following procedures:

1. When a member is denied use of the Club it shall be documented and reported to the Executive Director with supporting information submitted by one of the aforementioned persons within 24 hours.

2. Unless the matter is resolved immediately, the Executive Director, acting for the Board, will notify the member of specific charges, the length of suspension, the date and time of the Boards review of the matter. The review by the Board shall be at the next scheduled Board meeting. In the event of extenuating circumstances an emergency Board meeting can be called.

3. A member does not have to be notified by U. S. Mail within 3 days, nor does a member have to file a protest by submitting in writing a request for a hearing. The member is simply notified at the time of the misconduct that he/she is denied the use of the Club until the next Board meeting which they may attend.

4. On the specified date the Board will review the matter. The Executive Director will present to the Board such facts and witness’s as he/she deems necessary. The member will have the opportunity to do the same. The Board may question any participant in the hearing when the Board members deem it relevant to deciding the facts relevant or severity of the issue.

5. Upon completion of the hearing, the Board will issue its decision and the Executive Director will notify the member. Upon completion of notification, such information shall be documented and added to the Boards minutes.

C. The Board of Director’s decision may be as follows:

1. There was insufficient cause for denial of facilities and as such denial is no longer in effect.

2. There was cause for denial but the time lapse is sufficient and the suspension is no longer in effect.

3. There is sufficient cause for suspension and the member maybe suspended for a period of up to 60 days from the date of initial suspension and must come before the Board of Directors for reinstatement.

4. There is sufficient cause for expulsion and the member is expelled. The expelled member may apply for reinstatement after 1 year from date of expulsion. At this time the Board may or may not reinstate said member.
5. Any member reinstated will be under probation for 6 months.

6. The decision of the Board is final and will remain in effect for a period of 1 year.

D. Automatic suspension will be imposed for using drugs or alcohol on Club premises and brandishing weapons of any kind.

E. Automatic expulsion will be imposed for 2 suspensions in 1 year.

F. Permanent expulsion may be instituted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


All meetings to be run strictly according to the bylaws. Robert’s Rules of Order are not to be referred to in any manner. If at a Board meeting an agenda item is not covered by the bylaws the item is to be tabled and brought before the next Membership meeting and voted on there.

Section 1 – General Membership Meetings

A. Verification of voting status shall be taken before each membership meeting and confirmed by the Secretary.

B. To enact official business a quorum shall consist of at least 15 members in good standing.

C. Except as otherwise noted in these bylaws, the action requiring a vote shall be decided be a simple majority of voting members.

D. January meetings shall include selecting an election committee.

E. The February meeting shall include on its agenda, a nomination of Officers and Directors.

F. In order to vote on any issue, during the general meeting, a person must be a voting member in good standing.

G. The Board may close the Club counter if deemed necessary.

H. An agenda shall be submitted for approval. The agenda should be but not limited to the following:

1. Roll call of Officers and Directors.

2. Reading of Anniversaries.

3. Reading of the monthly financial report.

4. Reading of the minutes of the last General Membership meeting.

5. Reading of committees.

6. Discussion of old business.

7. Discussion of new business.

8. The agenda should be posted in a conspicuous place 3 days prior to the membership meeting.

Section 2 – Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting should be held on Wednesday prior to the General Membership Meeting.

A. To enact official business a majority of the Board members present will constitute a quorum.

B. An agenda shall be used, but not limited to, the following:

1. Roll call of Officers and Directors.

2. Reading of monthly financial reports.

3. Reading of minutes of the last Board and General Membership Meetings

4. Reports of Committees.

5. Fifteen minutes of all Board of Directors meetings shall be open for persons to approach the Board. Persons wishing to approach the Board are required to be present at the beginning of the Board Meeting.

6. Discussion of old business.

7. Discussion of new business.

C. No proxy votes will be allowed.

D. Issues brought forward by Club members will be acted upon during the Board meeting.

E. If some pressing issue is brought forward for which no notice was given, the Organization must ratify that business at the next regular Board Meeting or at another Special Meeting.

Section 3 – Special General Membership Meetings

A. May be called by a majority of the Board of Directors.

B. The meeting date and agenda will be posted conspicuously in the Club 7 days in advance of the meeting.

C. Only posted agenda will be considered.

Section 4 – Special Board of Directors Meetings

A. May be called by 2 officers or Directors.

B. Board members must be notified of special meetings at least 48 hours in advance.

C. Only posted agenda shall be considered. In the case of an emergency phone meeting, all Board members must be contacted and particulars of said meeting will be added to the Board minutes.

Section 5 – Absences from Board of Directors and General Membership Meetings

A. Members of the Board of Directors shall attend Board and General Membership meetings.

B. Any Director with 6 absences per year will be dismissed. However extenuating circumstances will be considered by the full Board of Directors. Any member exceeding the absence limit must come before the Board to explain their absence.

C. If employment interferes with regular attendance at Board Meetings, the Director may be asked to resign at the discretion of the Board members.


All elections for Club officers and Directors shall be held with strict accordance to these bylaws.

These elections shall be held in March.

Section 1 – Procedures

A. An election committee shall be selected by the General Membership at the January Membership Meeting. All members of the Election Committee shall be voting members in good standing, who will conduct any and all elections and ballot voting for the next 2 years.

B. At the February Membership meeting, all candidates for office must be nominated and seconded by voting members who are in good standing. All candidates must be present to accept their nomination. Exceptions can be made upon receipt of a signed, written statement confirming their acceptance. The Chairperson of the Election Committee will be responsible for a ballot to be submitted for approval at the February General Membership Meeting. On approval, copies will be made to be used in the March voting.

C. All candidates for Director must be voting members of the Club in good standing with no less than 3 years of continuous sobriety immediately prior to nomination date.

D. All candidates for other positions in the Club must be voting members in good standing with no less than 12 months of continuous sobriety.

E. All candidates for any office must be a recovering alcoholic.

F. In the event that no person with the specified requirements for a particular office accept the nomination, the nomination will be opened to all members in good standing upon approval of the Board of Directors.

G. Campaign materials are not allowed to be displayed or disbursed at the Club.

H. In the event that any Officer or Director resigns or is removed from office, for reasons other than health or employment, that person may not run for office or the Board of directors for 2 years after their resignation or removal from office.

Section 2 – Voting

A. All members who wish to vote must have their dues current through March prior to the election date.

B. Absentee ballots will be allowed according to the following rules:

If a person cannot attend the election, they will be provided a ballot prior to the election.

1. Mark your ballot

2. Endorse the ballot

3. Mail to Club or place in Box at Club provided.

4. Mailed and Box ballots must be in by the Saturday before the election. Late ballots will not be counted, no exceptions.

When received, either by mail or personally, absentee ballots will be placed in a locked ballot box. Absentee ballots will be available two weeks before the election. The box will only be opened on Election Day by the Election Committee, and Absentee ballots will be counted before the election.

C. All voting will be by a secret ballot

D. All questions concerning balloting will be directed to the Election Committee.

E. All candidates for office will be elected by a simple majority.

If for unseen reason an office receives no nomination for the election, the Board of Directors may appoint that unfilled position. Only with a qualified person according to the bylaws.

F. Directors will be elected with plurality vote with top 5 vote getters being elected.

G. Executive and Vice Director will be voted on separately from Board positions. Majority vote count will determine elected.
H. Votes for write-in candidates will not be counted.

I. Only one vote per dues paying member will be accepted.


The governing body of the Club, the Board of Directors, shall be elected by the membership with their installation in April.

The Board of Directors will consist of 9 members, an Executive Director, Vice Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 Board members at-large. And one non-voting member, Sargent at Arms.

Section 1 – Terms of Office

All terms of office are for 2 years. In the event a position is vacated the Board shall appoint a replacement, to finish term of said office. To be filled in the next election.

Section 2 – Duties

Board members will be expected to participate in Club activities such as clean-ups, members appreciation dinner’s and parties given at the Club, but not to include Entertainment Committees functions.

A. Executive Director

1. Shall be his/her duties to implement policies and procedures as set forth by the Board.

2. Shall vote only to break a tie.

B. Vice Executive Director

1. Shall perform the duties of the Executive Director in his/her absence.

C. Treasurer

1. Shall maintain a complete and accurate record of receipts, disbursements, and all financial transactions of the Club.

2. Shall be responsible for recording all funds received.

3. Shall deposit all funds no less than once a week.
4. Shall pay expenses only when an itemized statement for expenditures is presented. All checks must be signed only by authorized persons on bank account.

5. Shall submit the records to the Board of Directors for audit at the completion of his/her term.

6. Shall be bonded.

D. Secretary

1. Shall keep complete and accurate minutes of all meetings.

2. Shall act as resident agent for the Club for his/her term of office.

3. Shall keep a complete and up to date index of all reports, property, records and correspondence of the Club.

4. Shall have the responsibility of keeping a copy of the Club’s current bylaws at each meeting.

5. Shall post notices of special meetings in conspicuous place 15 days in advance of said meeting.

6. Shall enter amendments to bylaws.

7. Shall perform other duties not stipulated by the bylaws which may be requested by the Executive Director or the Board of Directors.

8. Shall submit all records to the Board of Directors at the completion of his/her term.

E. Sergeant at Arms

1. Attendance at General Membership meetings is mandatory. After 3 absences may be removed at the request of the Board.

2. Shall assist the Executive Director in maintaining order during General Membership meetings.

3. Shall announce installation of new officers or Board Members.

4. Shall perform any other duties as requested by the Executive Director.

Section 3 – Duties of Directors

A. Members of the Board shall attend all regular Board Meetings and all regular General Membership Meetings unless excused as directed in Article 3, Section 5.

B. They shall, in cooperation with the Officers, have the responsibility to assure the membership that the Club is run in a prudent and responsible manner. This shall include but not limited:

1. The authority to approve the expenditure of up to $2000.00 for any one item to improve the Club’s structural make-up or contents. In case of emergency, or when quality of life is effected, the Board may hold an emergency meeting to approve an immediate remedy. Any expenditure over $2000.00 for any one item will be subject to approval by a majority of the membership present at the meeting at which it was voted on. The date of the meeting and the matter to be voted on will be posted conspicuously in the Club.

2. The authority to determine the amount of membership dues and impose suspensions for non-payment of same.

3. The authority to appoint or give approval of all committees with the exception of the election Committee.

Section 4 – Board of Trustees

A. Shall be elected by a simple majority.

B. Qualifications of office: Two years of continuous sobriety immediately prior to nomination. A member in good standing for 2 years.

C. Duties

1. Trustee shall provide an audit of Treasurer’s records, cash on hand, Club safe, Management’s cashbox, Club tills, and Secretaries records.

2. Trustee shall provide a signature after audit. For Treasurers audit 2 people must be present, Trustee and Treasurer, or Executive Director if Treasurer is unavailable. For Management audit, Manager and/or Asst. Manager and Trustee must be present.

3. Attendance at General Membership meetings is required.

4. Removal of Trustee from Office.

A. 3 absences from General Membership Meetings in 1 year shall constitute removal from office at the Boards discretion.

B. Failure to perform duties as listed above.


Section 5 – Manager/Counterpersons

Shall be appointed or dismissed by the Board of Directors. Executive Director will act as Manager until Club is up and running for the first 6 months. At that time Board is to hire Manager. In case of absence Board member can fill in as counter person. No Board member shall be regular scheduled as counter person. Manager’s duties will be directed by the Board.

1. Management may be dismissed only for just cause, i.e., break in sobriety, dereliction of duties, excessive absenteeism without due cause, theft.

2. Management shall be evaluated once per calendar year for the possibility of a pay raise.

Section 6 – Vacancies of Elected Officers

A. In the event of death or resignation of Executive Director, the Vice Director shall ascend to the Executive Director and fulfill the Executive Director’s term.

B. All other Officers shall be chosen by the Board. Those named shall fulfill the requirements as set forth in the Section titled “Elections”.

C. Directors shall be considered from a list of unsuccessful candidates from the prior election, in order of most votes received down to the person receiving the least votes for the position. Lacking such a list of persons, the Board of
Directors will select a qualified member to serve until the next election.

D. In the event both the elected Executive Director and Vice Executive Director resign or are removed from office, a new election for these offices will be held. A Special Membership Meeting will be held to accept nominations. Nominations will be taken as states in Article 4 – Elections, Section 1, items D and F. The election will be held at the next General Membership Meeting.

Section 7 – Removal of Directors or Officers

A. Any elected Officer or Director will be removed for the following:

1. An interruption in sobriety.

2. Accused of Dereliction of Duty or Abuse of Power may be removed by:

a. Being brought before the Board where the Board will determine the facts. All parties involved will be present.

b. If the Board finds the charges legitimate, a roll call vote will be taken. If a majority of the Board voted guilty, the Board Member or Officer will be removed. In such a situation the Executive Director will be allowed to vote.

B. Any elected Officer or Director may be removed by membership vote upon completion of the following procedure:


1. A petition citing charges of abuse of office signed by no less than 25% of the voting membership must be presented to the Board of Directors for verification of signatures. Upon such verification, the Board shall set a date for a special meeting with notice of meeting being posted 15 days prior to this meeting. The sole purpose of this meeting shall be a vote on recall. The matter shall be decided by majority vote. See Article 3, Section 1, items B and C.


C. Any Officer or Director cited for abuse of responsibilities of office may resign from office. This action does not relieve the person from other action as stated elsewhere in these bylaws.




A. A standing bylaw committee will be selected by the general Membership or Board of Directors at the April Membership Meeting. Any changes in the existing bylaws will be proposed by this Committee.

B. A written document stating the Committee’s reasons for major changes will be made available.

C. Any recommended changes must be put in writing and posted 1 month conspicuously in advance to discussion at General Membership Meeting.

D. Discussion on proposed changes will be allowed at a maximum of 2 meetings. The second discussion is to be held only if the first necessitates changes in the proposed amendment.

E. A vote will be taken on the proposed changes on the day of the next Membership Meeting following the final discussion.
F. A 2/3 majority of membership voting will be required to pass any recommended changes.

G. In case of a question of any bylaw, the Bylaw Committee shall meet with the Board and give their intent of the bylaw question.
H. A list of Bylaw Committee members will be conspicuously posted in the Club at all times.